S-Curves for Primavera

  • True project history
  • S-Curves showing all relevant data
  • Multi-baseline / re-baseline functionality
  • Tabular progress reports
  • Highly customizable to specific needs
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Accessibility to Project Data

S-Curves for Primavera draws project data from Primavera P6 into custom data tables to keep the true project history intact and accessible to you.

Report Any Values

Report the values you want at any time during the project - Actual, Earned, Planned Early and Late.

Multi- / Re- Baseline

Adjust the baseline as the project scope changes without losing the true progress of past periods.


S-Curves for Primavera brings project data to light and gives the greatest degree of control in analyzing Primavera P6 projects.

Analysis at Any Level

Report on Task, Resource and Expense levels, and easily switch between the alternatives.

Flexible Cutoff Period

Decide what period(s) to look at. S-Curves for Primavera does not require a predefined financial period like Primavera P6 does.

The S-Curve Options

S-Curves for Primavera has a variety of tools to relate current project status to project completion and to visualize alternative project trajectories.

Generate S-Curves showing %-progress

Easily follow your project progress as a percentage of completion.

Generate S-Curves showing Actual, Earned, Planned, Current, Forecast

Choose desired method to report on both baseline and current plans.


S-Curves for Primavera allows for data to be presented in the way that is most useful in each given instance.

Graphical Reporting

Bring your data to light with a clear visual representation.

Tabular Reporting

Deliver reports in tabular format when you need to.


S-Curves for Primavera is broadly customizable according to different needs.


Decide what content to include in the views and reports.


Decide the way content is presented in the views and reports.

True Project History

At Task, Resource and Expense Levels

S-Curves for Primavera adapts reporting possibilities to your chosen planning level. Report on Expense level, Resource assignment level, or Activity level.

Actual, Earned, Planned Early and Late Values

The system saves all necessary information to ensure the possibility to report the items you are looking for. Both baseline and current project information is saved for each cutoff.

Cost and/or Units

You select the weighting based on hour, unit and/or cost. Data tables are automatically aligned with the s-curve.

Flexible, Project Specific Cutoff Periods

S-Curves for Primavera lets you freely define the financial period for your project, this is not possible in Primavera P6 where only one fixed financial period table is available.

S-Curves showing

%-Progress, Cost/Unit

S-Curves for Primavera allows reporting in percentages based on units or costs, a feature that is not available in Primavera P6.

Actual, Earned, Planned, Current, Forecast

S-Curves for Primavera gives you a wide variety of curves based on baseline and current plan. Forecast curves is an informative set on curves based on baseline/current actual and remaining value, to give you the best prognosis possible.

Early, Late and Mean

In addition to early and late curves for both baseline and current plan, you have mean-value based curves to illustrate the path towards project completion.

Multi-baseline / re-baseline functionality

Baseline Updates

Almost every project involves changes in scope that result in the need to update the baseline, but we would still like the percent-based reports to show true progress for past periods. S-Curves for Primavera has built-in capabilities to handle this; and visual tools to illustrate this scenario in s-curves.

Tabular Reports

Compact Tables

Compact, flexible tabular reports are an effective method for distributing project progress information in an clear and compact format. Report period and cumulative progress in cost, units and percentage.

Highly customizable to specific needs

Built-In Flexibility

Full flexibility in report content, headers and footers. Layouts can be saved either as private or public. Cumulative and periodical values; s-curves and histogram. For even more complex adjustments, Proteus Configurator is available for advanced users.

Product pricing

Number of usersPrice per user
1-102 000 eur
11-201 800 eur
All prices are in euros. Prices are exclusive of taxes.

Update Subscription Program

Update Subscription Program (USP)% of Total / Year
S-Curves for Primavera - USP20%
USP allows users access to software updates and support.

If your organization needs more users - contact our sales team in your region

About free trial and pricing

What are the basic requirements for using the software?

In order to use S-Curves for Primavera software you should be running Windows XP or later, Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 on your computer, and Oracle Primavera P6 (8.1, 8.3, 8.4).

Please refer here for a more detailed description of technical requirements and specifications.

Does the 30-day free trial make all the features of the software available?

Yes. The 30-day free trial is a full version of the software with no feature limitations.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

Getting a free 30-day trial of the S-Curves for Primavera software is easy.

First step - we ask you to submit a request for a Free Trial and to download the software;

Second step - once we have received your Free Trial Request, we will review the request (at this stage we may contact you to verify your details);

Third step - we will issue a Trial Key and send it to you via e-mail, together with instructions on how to download and install the software.

Final step - you can follow the instructions to download and install the software (provide the Trial Key when prompted).

Please be aware that the Trial Key is valid for 30-days from the date it was issued, after which time the software will be deactivated. You should place an order for the product during the 30-day free trial period to continue using the software without interruption.

How do I order the product?

To order the product you can simply submit an order with us, or you can contact our sales team in your region.

How do I pay for the product?

Once we have received your order, we will prepare an invoice and send it to you. The payment will be made via a bank transfer from your bank account to Promineo AS bank account.

Can I pay with a credit card?

S-Curves for Primavera is a product that is primarily intended for corporate customers, therefore we do not currently accept credit card payments.

How do I add more users?

It is possible to add users under a single Product Key.

Simply contact our sales team in your region and we will walk you through the process of adding users to under your existing Product Key.

What is the refund policy?

All of our users are encouraged to trial the S-Curves for Primavera software for a 30-day free trial period, to ensure that the software provides the value that it has been designed to deliver and that it installs seamlessly on individual computers and the computing environment. This trial policy is planned to facilitate customer satisfaction.

However, we do handle refund requests on a case by case basis and make refunds available to customers with a fair claim submitted within 30-days of the purchase date of the software. Please refer to our refund policy.

What is the Update Subscription Program?

Software Update Subscription Program is a software maintenance and update program which entitles the user to receive software updates and to receive customer support.

The USP is charged for the first year at the time of purchase and will be charged annually at the beginning of every new 12 month period.

Any questions left unanswered?

If you have any further questions please contact our team in your region to have them answered.

S-Curves for Primavera, powered by Proteus

The S-Curves for Primavera application was developed in collaboration between Promineo and Metier. Promineo is the developer of the software Proteus, on which the application is based, and Metier is the official Primavera distributor in Norway, with a deep understanding of Primavera P6.

The software platform Proteus, on which S-Curves for Primavera is based, was developed to make it possible for project organizations to interact with the data from their projects - to have the project data literally make sense. It is a unique software that can be coupled with a vast variety of databases to add value to countless third party software solutions (e.g. Primavera P6) or simply to mine raw data.


S-Curves for Primavera is built as a standard Windows Application, using the Microsoft .NET Framework (some third party components are used to improve the user experience). These are all delivered as a part of the installation and should not cause version conflicts with other installed software. The user will access the application from the Start menu.

When started, S-Curves for Primavera will read a configuration from a Repository. A Repository is a collection of S-Curves for Primavera standard reports and custom reports, each defining which data to get, how the user interface should look, and how to access control information.


S-Curves for Primavera is deployed using Microsoft's ClickOnce technology using an Installation Wizard.

After installation, an S-Curves for Primavera application icon will appear at the user’s Start Menu.


Each time the S-Curves for Primavera application is started, the application automatically checks for updates and installs them when available.

From time to time it is necessary to upgrade the Repository (described above). The Repository updates will be made available at the Downloads page on this website as a ZIP-file.

System requirements

Computer Windows XP or later
Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
1 GHz or faster x86 or 64-bit processor
Minimum of 1 GB RAM
Screen Resolution 1024x768 or greater
1 GB of free disk space

The Windows Experience Index will indicate your system performance - for best experience a rating of 4.5 is recommended (available in Windows Vista or later).

Primavera Oracle Primavera P6 version 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
Publish Project service must be enabled
All projects must have an assigned Project Baseline
Version 1.x: SQL Server 2008


Chart describing S-Curves for Primavera software architecture

S-Curves for Primavera

software and documentation

Software software version v2.1 User manual document version v1.12.2

You can download the latest version of S-Curves for Primavera software and its supporting documentation through the download links above.

Please note that the S-Curves for Primavera software available for download on this page can only be installed and used once you have (a) requested a 30-day free trial and received the Trial Key, or (b) placed an order for the product and have received the Product Key.